Welcome back to the summer term – April, 2024

Our last day of the term will be July 16th. The 17th is graduation day for those attending school. Further information will be provided closer to the date.

We will continue settling-in sessions for those going to Furley Park, as we did last year. We will accompany the children to the school and pick them up. If it’s not their nursery day, we will meet you at the school for the handover. We have observed that the children settle into school, which makes their transition easier.

In September, for those needing childcare upon the children’s return, we can either transport your child or you can bring them, and we will collect them at the designated time, usually 11:30. Bringing them back to nursery for the remainder of the day will incur a charge.

Sandra will confirm details with the school and inform you of the dates. Please ensure that drinks bottles and spare clothes are labeled. We kindly request that children bring only a small backpack, as the cloakroom space is limited.

As the weather is becoming sunnier, please remember to apply sunscreen before your child attends nursery and provide named sunhats.

For those returning in September, if your child is eligible for funding, applications must be submitted before the end of June. If you require support or further information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you planning to increase hours in September or January 2025? If so, please inform Sandra so we can accommodate your needs as soon as possible.

In March, the nursery was sold, and we welcome our new owner, Anneka Hammond. With 12 years of experience in health and social care, Anneka is looking forward to meeting parents at pick up and at our summer event in August (date to be confirmed).