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Welcome to Dolly's Daycare

Step into our warm and inviting space, where little ones embark on a journey of discovery and delight. Here, each child is cherished, nurtured, and celebrated for their unique qualities and boundless potential. Our dedicated team is thrilled to be a part of your child’s growth and learning adventures. Together, we’ll create magical memories and lay the foundation for a lifetime of success. Welcome to our community, where laughter, love, and learning abound.

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We will provide all children with a drink of water or milk at meal/snack times and throughout the day at our water station where we encourage children to help themselves. If you would like to send your child in with their own drinks bottle you are more than welcome.

Our curriculum is crafted to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in every child. Rooted in play-based principles, our approach ensures that children engage in meaningful experiences that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development.

We prioritize outdoor play as a cornerstone of childhood development. Our outdoor area provides a space for children to explore, learn, and grow through physical activity and sensory experiences.

The beginning of a journey

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons why we think Dolly’s Daycare is the right place for your child.

Dolly’s Daycare is proudly rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted, ensuring high-quality care and education for your child.

Safety Awareness
We would advise that all parents talk to their child about safety awareness. This can take many forms:
Please speak to your child about not leaving our premises unless they are with a member of staff or their parent/carer.

Advise children that when we are on an outing, they must not leave the members of staff at any time. We use Stranger Danger as part of our curriculum we will talk to the children about the dangers of strangers. We advise that all parents do the same to support and reinforce our curriculum. Parents are to wait outside of the nursery boundary a member of staff will collect your child at 9am if you need to get our attention due to different start times, please telephone 01233 503198.

All our staff hold up to date Disclosure and barring checks. If you have any concerns about a member of staff regarding any issues around child protection, please speak to the nursery owner who is the safeguarding lead immediately. If your concern is about the nursery owner or you do not feel confident speaking to her, please ring our (LADO) Local Authority Designated Officer on 03000 410 888. All concerns will be dealt with according to confidentiality policies.

The number for Social Services is 0300 041 6161. Our Area advisor can be contacted on 03000 415 648 The welfare of the child is

Our curriculum emphasizes play-based learning, fostering creativity, curiosity, and social skills development in a fun and engaging way.

We provide an outstanding level of care to ensure your child has the best home-away-from-home experience. We are proud to offer comprehensive supervision and support to all children in our care – from arrival to departure:

  • Dedicated teachers and teaching assistants available at all times
  • Trained medical first aiders
  • Safeguarding and criminal record checks on all staff
  • Child protection training for all staff

We prioritize the holistic development of each child, focusing on their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth through a variety of enriching activities and experiences.

We recognize the invaluable role parents play in their child’s early years. That’s why we encourage active involvement from parents, offering various opportunities for engagement such as parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, and family events. By fostering open communication and collaboration between parents and educators, we create a supportive network that nurtures each child’s growth and development.

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